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  • Photo Gallery subsite.  A place for anyone to store their lichen photos for public access.
    • [Note: this subsite uses different software and therefore usernames must be registered separately for each site.  While the two can be linked, maintenance of the two in sync would be exponentially time consuming and this is an evening/weekend project already.]
  • ODBaL – Occurrence DataBase for Lichens.  This has begun as my personal lichen herbarium database, but is being set up for potential use by others.  It is likely to soon provide the engine behind a map interface for the California Lichen Society.
  • Library
    • Notebooks of Harry Thiers
    • Usnea Screen Saver by the late Darrell Wright
    • Species Lists for locations, posted by users
    • Lichen Keys posted by users
  • Discussion Forum / Blogging
  • Techy Stuff – just a spot to put some scripts I have developed, etc.


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